Have you ever imagined a life that is full of fun? Have you ever dreamed of having your time within your grasp and enjoy what the life can offer? But how is that possible? In reality it is really hard, you need to pay your bills and fulfill your responsibilities. Money runs out too easily and that is the hard part and this blog would tackle that.

Your wish list might include having your own personal car, your dream home and vacations with pay most probably part of your work and probably being the boss. And yeah, you are not alone, we all want that!

Well, this blog envisions of exploring possibilities of having Y.O.L.O without breaking your wallet. How can we travel and know what the world can offer. It would also look of how the modern world of us evolves.

Come join me and let usĀ  unravel all the possibilities that can be reach. Let us expand our horizon.


Cj Meneses